In the modeling industry you will surely hear these acronyms come up in conversation; freely thrown around amongst models, photographers, makeup artists, and modeling agencies. It is important to understand what these acronyms stand for, as well as the concept of what they are and what they entail.

Essentially the terms TFP and TFCD both represent a trade. 

  • What is TFP? “TFP” stands for “Time for Print”
  • What is TFCD? “TFCD” stands for “Time for CD” 
  • What is TF*? TF* is a more ambiguous term; meaning “Time for…” with the * implying that a negotiation that will occur between the individual parties

TFP signifies that the photographer will provide the model with prints of the photos they take, in exchange for her modeling services. These prints may either be physical (for example, 8×10 glossy prints to add to your portfolio), or digital (photos sent to you via email). It is important to clarify with the photographer beforehand

TFCD signifies that the photographer will provide the model with a CD containing the images from their photoshoot, in exchange for her modeling services.

These terms signify that the model and photographer (or makeup artist, stylist, etc.) are in full agreement that the work and services they are providing is a trade amongst themselves; neither party will receive a payment, nor will they make a payment. Their “currency” is the service they are providing, not money. 

At Fab Photos we have various rates for the different types of shoots.

Glamour/Model/Portfolio - We no longer do TFP for these shoot as we have covered this very fully in our portfolio.

Returning Fab Models - Will receive our 5 shot top package values at $95

Special/Avant Guarde/Artistic - We provide or 5 shot TFP package valued at $95

Implied and Semi Nude - We provide our 7 shot package valued at $126 *must be over 18.

Other - by negotiation.

Magazine Submission - If we are shooting for magazine submission you receive the TFP package as well as any additional pics the magazine runs.



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