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The following are some of the 155 reviews Fab Photos has received from it's clients.
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Was a bit nervous to start, but once it all got going it was great. Steve is awesome and look forward to booking another shoot sometime in the near future :)✨ - 174


I enjoyed my time at fab photos, It was fun, exciting and a great experience. Would recommend to anybody.✨ - 173

Bonni F

After many years of Storking Steves photos online, I finally decided to give it ago and get a shoot done. What an experience that was! I absolutely love the results. Steve was very professional and knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend fab photos to anyone thinking about it.✨ - 172


Steve always makes you feel confident even when youre not feeling that fab! I always leave the shoots feeling more confident. Would definitely recommend Steve to others, definitely worth it. Cant wait for the next one.✨ - 171


Steve made me feel completely at ease during the shoot. All my nerves beforehand disappeared once i was in there. The photos came out absolutely phenominal and i would 100% recommend him to anyone✨ - 170

Miss Kitty Summers

Fantastic shoot as always Steve! So much fun and I love the results. If youve ever considered doing a Fab Photos Shoot, dont put it off, do it today!!✨ - 169


I was very very nervous and had put it off for so long but Im so glad I finally had a photo shoot with Steve I was so comfortable had a laugh and was overall a fantastic time and the photos are amazing % recommend him✨ - 168


Ive done a couple of shoots with Steve, and Im always really happy with the results. He has a great studio and is really creative. I had a lot of fun during all the shoots, I recommend him 100%.✨ - 167


I am one of the most self-concious people youll ever meet but doing a photo shoot with Steve was amazing! He really does make you feel comfortable and he guides you through the shoot. He also listens to your ideas and has many great ones himself. Overall its been a wonderful experience which I couldnt fault in anyway. He accomodated for me and produced some lovely photos. Thank you!✨ - 166


Since being with fab models i have had 2 shoots with steve and they have been so fun, exciting, enjoyable and also has boosted my confidence being around the camera. The photos turn out absolutely awesome and fabulous.✨ - 165


I would just like to say thankyou Steve for the amazing and fun photoshoot I had , it was so amazing and the photos look stunning thankyou.✨ - 164


I was surprised by how quickly I felt comfortable with Steve the first time we did a photo shoot and now I feel like Ive known him a lot longer than I have. I dont have a favourite part about modelling, Steve makes every part of it fun but its always a good time sitting down looking at the photos together. He doesnt just take photos he creates art and thats what I love being apart of.✨ - 163

Tara Johnstone

Since signing up with Fab Models, Taylees confidence level has boosted and she has been lucky enough to experience opportunities such as catwalk modelling in Sydney. Steve is so easy to work with and really listens to his clients needs and he always delivers amazing photographs and quality service. Fab Photos is always our choice for photography.✨ - 162


My 10 year old daughter has been wanting to get into modelling castings for a very long time as a mother i didnt no where to begin after putting it of for so long i finally spoke to steve at fab models and arranged an appointment for her i must say we were feeling very nervous and didnt no what to expect.my sister and partner came along with us on the day and must i say i dont no why i was so worried and nervous as we were made to feel very welcomed comfortable and relaxed as soon as arriving im not sure who enjoyed them self more us adults or my daughter it was an amazing experience we all had a ball my daughter absolutely loved it and hasnt stopped talking about it i highly recommend steve at fab models thanks again ☺☺✨ - 161


After trying to convince my daughter to get professional photos for 12 months she finally plucked up the courage to do so!! From the moment Tayah walked through the door the nerves went out the window a very professional, relaxed and friendly atmosphere I would highly recommend Fab photos to anyone, Great work Steve!!✨ - 160

Emma Birrer

I was nervous at first but it didnt take long to relax. The shots were amazing, very happy with the overall experience and will be going back for more.✨ - 159


I had a great time during the photoshoot, Steve makes you feel comfortable during the shoot and makes it fun. Thank you Love the photos Would recommend fab photos✨ - 158


I havent had any photos taken since having children so i was extremely nervous. Steve was warm and welcoming upon arrival, he has a way of making you feel comfortable without even trying. Throughout the entire shoot i felt confident, flaws and all! Thankyou for your time, its a wonderful experience offered to women and i cant wait to see the photos.✨ - 157


Steve made me and my friend feel very comfortable and it was loads of fun! And a good confidence boost I 100% recommend✨ - 156

Charmain Woods

There have been a lot of comments and interest in the professional photos of Sil Woods and Spencer Woods. If you like them all you need to do is touch base with Steve Harris of Fab photos he really knows how to capture the moment - watch this space we have some totally awesome pictures coming up - he is local to Port Mac and does an awesome job - I would highly recommend his service to all my family and friends✨ - 155

Sandra Newell

Steve was very professional in Hannahss photo shoot, he made us both feel very comfortable in the studio, steve has a great eye for photography, a very lovely sense of humour would 100% recommend him to all.✨ - 154


I was unsure about it because Ive never done it before, but Steve made it fun, relaxing & was a very good experience I enjoyed it ! The photos a very nice !!! Big thankyou to Steve✨ - 153

Chelsea-Marie Bardan

Steve was great. Made me feel very me feel very comfortable and secure, especially with being as nervous as i was. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to professionally model locally. Stepping out of my comfort Zone was hard and nerve racking but i feel a lot more comfortable with myself for sure as he does his best to make sure you are fully satisfied. This was my first professional photoshoot and hopefully not my last. I thank Steve so very much for everything.✨ - 152

Hayley Willis

Such an amazing experience with such a fun guy who not only makes you feel at home but also makes you feel very comfortable while shooting. When i first walked in i was nervous as hell, but when i walked out i was dancing and having fun and laughing. Steve certainly did his job right today and made me feel and look like a true BEAUTY QUEEN!! LOVE LOVE LOVE This was my first shoot but definitely not my last with Fab Photos and Steve Harris I recommend Steve and Fab Photos 100% Perfect gift for a loved one✨ - 151

Faith Catania

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone, I went along to Fab photos full of nerves only to find as I stepped through the door and began to pose the nerves left and excitement built. Steve was incredibly professional as well as talented, he made me feel comfortable and confident in myself. If you have ever considered modelling or even if you havent ..I highly recommend going to Fab photos and giving it a go. Thank you Steve for guiding me through my first and definitely not my last shoot with Fab photos ✨✨ - 150


As my first time doing a shoot, i was pretty nervous, but steve made those nerves fade quite quickly, showing me exactly what to do. We laughed alot and it was a wonderful first experience. He made me feel comfortable and does not judge. I trust him with confidence. He is professional in his work and fun to work with. Great character. If your looking for the best side of yourself. You go to steve! ☺✨ - 149


I had a great time with Steve at Fab models ! So much fun getting dressed up and was made to feel super confident and comfortable. Steve captures beautiful photos that make you love yourself and your body and leaves you feeling like a superstar Highly recommended to any aspiring models wanting some quality beautiful photos ✨✨ - 148


It was a fun and relaxed shoot even though it was raining we still managed to get some really good photos. ✨ - 147


I absolutely loved working with Steve. I did a mum and bub photoshoot, he gave great ideas and provided fun props! The photos turned out brilliant, i purchased a large canvas of my favourite photo and i just love it! I plan to do many more shoots this year!✨ - 146

Tara Johnstone

Steve was so professional during my daughters photo shoot. Hhe really made my daughter and myself feel at ease and comfortable. Steve had a way of making the shoot fun and I wouldnt look anywhere else for a photographer, I recommend him to all.✨ - 145

Shae Toomey

With my first photo shoot I was entering nervous and worried I would bail out. But as I walked in I felt comfortable with having photos taken and with my confidence, as Im a shy girl. I had so much fun and the photos were incredible, more then I expected. I was so happy with the ending results, walked out so confident and happy! I wanted to do it again. 10/10 for anyone, I highly recommend fab photos :)✨ - 144


Photoshoots with Steve are always so much fun! Totally recommend Fab photos if you are looking in getting one done yourself. High quality service✨ - 143

Selina Warrington

It was my first time doing a photo shoot and Steve made me feel comfortable and showed me what to do, the photos were amazing and I had a lot of fun. Definitely recommend Steve to anyone thinking about having a photo shoot! ✨ - 142

Alana Nicholson

Thank you Steve for always providing a high quality, professional and efficient service. Not to mention the shoots are always so fun, you definitely know how to capture a good pinup girl shot!✨ - 141

Emily Gainge

I absolutely love and recommend having photos done through Steve. Not only does he have the amazing ability to make you feel completely at ease in front of the camera, but his results are stunning, the entire overall experience leaving you feeling completely glamorous. ✨ - 140

Christie Rogers

I had a fab time at Fab photos working with Steve. Steve makes you feel at ease and comes up with some fantastic ideas that work with what you have in mind.It was a great confidence booster.✨ - 137

Jacki Thomas

I've just had another amazing, fun filled, extremely silly but very rewarding photo shoot with the amazing Steve. We never fail to have a great time and he never fails to make me feel comfortable, relaxed and amused! I'll be looking forward to having another laugh filled shoot in the near future!!✨ - 136

Danika Ahern

Steve is an easy going person who i enjoy shooting with. He is very understanding and listens. He always tries to find me paid modeling work and i have a blast working with him. ✨ - 135

Kirsty Aitken

Working with fab photos is always so much fun. I always feel so comfortable and it really helps my self confidence. The end result always turns out way better than expected, what Steve does is an art. He is very good at what he does i would highly recommend fab photos to anyone. 10/10✨ - 132

Tianna Bailey

Amazing photographer, Steve is happy to go to any location and put in such a big effort. Also he has great ideas..!✨ - 128

Jacki Thomas

I've just had another amazing, fun filled, extremely silly but very rewarding photo shoot with the amazing Steve. We never fail to have a great time and he never fails to make me feel comfortable, relaxed and amused! I'll be looking forward to having another laugh filled shoot in the near future!!✨ - 127

Shenay Reynolds

I loved working with Steve, made me feel comfortable & confident! He is fantastic at what he does & I couldn't be happier! ✨ - 126

Suzie Mayne

Working with Steve was great. I had a lot of fun and actually got to see the confidence come out in myself having professional photos done in the amazing results. We all have our personal doubts but Steve just manages to capture you the way we should see ourselves everyday. Thank you for a really awesome experience and great images everyone Ive shown has loved, especially my partner. ✨ - 115


Great experience, comfortable environment in and out of studio, profession. Would recommend to anyone ✨ - 113


Hey guys just putting the word out about a great local photographer, Steve, of Fab Photos. Steve is wonderful to work with, and his shoots are relaxed, fun and individual. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you are considering getting some professional photos done✨ - 112


Great set up, relaxed and friendly. Steves simply a great photographer.✨ - 111


Excellent photographer. Felt relaxed straight away, would definitely recommend Steve to anyone✨ - 110


Have worked with Steve a couple of times and would highly recommend him! Very professional but at the same time I felt relaxed and had a lot of fun :) The end result was amazing!✨ - 109


Absolutely amazing was the most fun amazing day and the photos turned about fabulous but what do you expect when its called fab photos :) thanks so much definatley will do anther shoot with you guys :)✨ - 108


First photo shot with Steve and the results where perf!! Thanx again hope to see u soon :)✨ - 107


Had the best time with my photoshoot! Cant wait to do more!✨ - 106


Steve is an amazing photographer makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, first time shooting with him yesterday and I would recommend steve to everybody thats interested in getting professional photos done ! Ill definitely be back :)✨ - 105


I absolutely love working with Steve. He makes me feel so comfortable about myself and I am in awe to his talents. Definitely consider giving him a go because Im sure you will be amazed with what the outcome is just like I always am! :):)✨ - 104


Amazing experience ! Steves energy and positive vibe create a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Worth a shot for anyone :)✨ - 103


I cannot recommend Steve from Fab Photos enough. Very professional yet able to have a laugh and be a bit silly all while he produces such an excellent results with his photos, some dont even need to be edited. I always love his work and he is definitely #1 in my book :)✨ - 102


I could not recommend a more professional, comfortable and fun photographer. Steve at fab photos is a amazing. I always love the outcome as well as the time shooting. So much fun and so many laughs. Thankyou so much Steve.✨ - 101


I am completely comfortable and relaxed with Steve. Very professional but also down to earth. Easy to work with. Would highly recommend 😁 ✨ - 100


Thank you Steve! Ive never had an experience like this! You made me feel so comfortable and had me giggling the whole time! I love my photos 😁 ✨ - 99


Massive thankyou to Steve for another amazing shoot! Never done a shoot so fun especially with our snakes. Such an amazing experience and once again the photos turned out amazing ! Would recommend Steve 100%✨ - 98


A massive thank you to Steve Harris for the amazing photos, Ive never had a photoshoot done before and I was very nervous, but throughout my shoot Steve made it a really fun ,enjoyable and comfortable experience. He has given me a big confidence boost within myself to step out to something unknown and give it a go. I will definitly be getting photos done within future. ✨ - 97

Thalia Aldridge

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone! Iv worked with Steve a few times now but my most recent photoshoot was a boudoir shoot and i was so nervous but within 5 mintues and talking with steve going through his huge range of props and having a good ol laugh, i was fine,Steve made sure i was comfortable during the whole photoshoot.I also purchased a photobook from steve of all my images and WOW its amazing, definitely worth it. ✨ - 96


I recommend Steve at Fab Photos for a fun photo shoot. I am very greatful for the chance to work with Steve for the 2nd time now and felt very comfortable during my photo shoot. Steve always going the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. ✨ - 95

Michelle lynn

I would highly recommend Steve to anybody wanting to get a photo shoot done in port. My daughter is one of Stevens models And has had a lot of fun doing shoots and charity work for him. I had my first photo shoot done with Steve this month and I felt very nervous, but 5 mins into the shoot the nerves had gone,I became very confident and I had a ball. Steve is such a professional and the photos came out amazing. Thanks again Steve love your work. Michelle✨ - 94


Steve always goes an extra mile to achive the best results. You can definitely trust his professional experience and artistic skills. Great personality and it always fun to work with Steve. He puts 100% in what his doing. Thank you for lifetime memories.
☆☆☆☆☆ X Kristina ✨ - 93

Tim Gibbs

This was one of my very first photo shoots and Steve made me feel comfortable and at ease. The end result was a series of photos which I felt actually made me look good! Steve is a Wizard! Highly Recommended!✨ - 92

Kitty Sommers

Always love working with Steve! He is professional, friendly and the photos are always high quality. Definitely recommend.✨ - 91

Tayla Dawn

A big thank you to the amazing Steve Harris for doing mine an my furbabys shoot such an amazing day on the beach cant wait to see how they turned out ! an also such a wonderful photographer to work with highly recommend anyone wanting to get professional shoots in port to go an see Steve at Fab Photos/Fab Photography✨ - 90

Kayla-jane Fletcher

Had a lovely photo shoot with my partner and Steve from fab photos deffiently going back for more. Such a great photographer!✨ - 89


Working with Steve from Fab photos is always an amazing experience. Every shoot always gives me confidence which shows in the photos. Steve always exceeds my expectations and i am always amazed with the results. I would definitely recommend fab photos to anyone whos looking for something fun or in need of a self esteem boost. Not only can Steve make you look beautiful but feel beautiful as well✨ - 88

Tanika Baker

I absolutely loved working with Steve! He was very professional throughout the photoshoot but made the whole experience fun and relaxed. The photos were absolutely amazing, he made me feel comfortable and confident. Id highly recommended fab photos, Stevens energy is infectious and il certainly be booking in again for more shoots in the future! ✨ - 87

Geniene Melbourne

Steve is an extremely talented and professional photographer. Always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Steve is so much fun to work with. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Steve for there professional photographs.✨ - 86

Veronique Mayne

I won a photo shoot with Fab Photo and chose to get a family shoot for my elderly mother overseas. It was a really lovely and fun experience. One of the grand kids is dead photo shy! Steve managed to get shots of her, not a small fit! The other two had a ball! Steve captured some really nice shots of my daughter and I, and great group shots set in the rain forest.. Thank you very much Steve.✨ - 85

Sharna Barnett

Love, love, love shooting with Steve. We have a great time and its super fun. I love that he has his own collection of outfits to suit everyone. The photos are always gorgeous. And he leaves you wanting more.✨ - 84

Sheldon Reed

Thanks Steve for helping us to produce a great set of portraits to use to promote for our new music duo The Sillys. You were lots of fun to work with & we definitely are happy with the final product.✨ - 83

Corina Latimore

Id recommend steve from fab photos to anyone who wants a confidence boost and some beautiful pictures to treasure. Steve is highly professional and makes you feel very comfortable during the shoot. I am so happy with my pictures thank you steve.✨ - 81


Steve did an amazing job so professional and made me feels comfortable and the photos come out perfect I would recommend him to everyone✨ - 80

Alana Nicholson

Steve at Fab Photos did an amazing job capturing the cheesecake pin up in my shoot! I continue to use these high quality photos for my entries into pin up competitions. I would highly recommend Steve, he is talented, professional and efficient!✨ - 79

Sharna Barnett

I had a great shoot with Steve. It was fun and I love the photos. Definetly keen to work together again. I also love that he has so many gorgeous outfits available to choose from.✨ - 78

Valentina Di Lorenzo

I had the most amazing time shooting with Steve! He made me comfortable and confident and had a great attitude and sense of humour; booking the shoot was quick and easy and Steve was very flexible with dates and times. It would be a joy to shoot again! - Valentina✨ - 77

Alana Carter

Thank you Fab Photos for such an incredible photo shoot. I was very comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. We were both in studio and on location to produce the best photos possible! I highly recommend booking a photo shoot with Fab Photos and buying the coffee book, you wont regret it!✨ - 76

Xanthe Ayton

Thankyou Fab Photos and Steve for my photo shoot. I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Fab Photos to anyone looking to have some professional photos taken.✨ - 75

Renee Lukic

Where do I start. I did a shoot with Steve back in May this year in hopes of making a personal book for my hubby to be to surprise him on our wedding day. And boy was he surprised! The shoot was so much fun Steve was so friendly and professional I never felt so comfortable and wow did they they out to be amazing and that was with me not even loving my body before hand so I can no wait to go back again for another shoot when I do :) Thank you so much Steve! :) If you have been wanting to get a shoot done but are waiting over a few insecurities wait no more! Book a shoot with Steve I promise you you will leave with a whole new confidence and absolutely love the finished product! ✨ - 74

Ellie Giles

I had my first ever photo shoot today from fab photos and it was sooo much fun! I felt really comfortable from the start and the best time i highly recommend steve from fab photos if your wanting a professional but fun photo shoot! ! ✨ - 73


Steve is fantastic at what he does! I enjoyed my shoot with Steve, he has a knack for instantly making you comfortable and confident whilst remaining professional. Id highly recommend Steve from Fab Photos to anyone wanting images of any type and wanting to have fun during the process. ✨ - 72


Ive worked with steve a couple of times now and definetly will continue and all i can say is AMAZING. When i first shot with fab photos i had no idea what i was doing and was feeling not very confident but Steve truely has a gift and is very proffesional. After seeing the photos i felt more confident and since then he has opened me up to new experiences/challenges and made me push my creative flare to a new level. ✨ - 71

Penny Everson

Steve is a great photographer with a great eye to detail. He is always trying to make you feel comfortable and at ease at the photo shoot. I highly recommend him :)✨ - 70

Astra OBrien

I have worked with Steve on quiet a few photo shoot and always have fun. He makes you feel comfortable within yourself which in turn creates the most amazing photos. I highly recommend him!!!!✨ - 69


Steve is so good at what he does, he makes you feel so comfortable and his prices are great as well. Definitely recommend for family or individual photos.✨ - 68

Renee Egger

I was so nervous prior my shoot as this was the first time Ive had professional individual photos taken, but Steve guided me on what to do and it all came down to just having fun with it, and most of the photos turned out amazing. Would recommend.✨ - 67

Mel Miante

Steve has been great in supporting Drew to build a modelling portfolio to showcase many different styles. He provides affordable photographic services and we are always pleased with the results . Port is lucky to have someone like Steve supporting young ones who hope to pursue a modelling career.✨ - 66

Geniene Melbourne

Steve is amazing to work with. Always professional and friendly. Steve is very talented. I look forward to working with him again in the future✨ - 65

Ashley Thomson

Ive worked with Steve on a few occasions and as someone who was apprehensive to start, each time he makes me feel relaxed and comfortable whilst making the whole experience fun. The final product was fantastic and i would recommend him to everybody!✨ - 64

Matilda Murphy

Steve was incredible to work with. Passionate, creative and innovative. I felt at ease straight away and the end results far exceeded my expectations. He goes above and beyond to create beautiful and magical shots. His manner is always very professional and positively challenges you to bring out the best work whilst making the whole experience incredibly fun!✨ - 63

Leah Scholz

I had a great photo shoot with Steve, he explained all the deals very well and provided professional and amazing photographs with lovely editing. Highly recommended! :)✨ - 62

Liana Thorn

Since having done quite a few photo shoots with Steve Harris (Fab Photos) my self confidence and over all confidence has improved dramatically, always having a laugh and such a positive time with best outcomes, couldnt ask for anyone better!✨ - 61

Rebecca Frost

I was a little apprehensive turning up for my boudoir shoot but Steve made me feel at ease straight away. The pictures turned out better than I could ever have expected. Im super proud of them and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Fab Photos to anyone.✨ - 60

Ashley and Anthony

My partner and I did a couples photoshoot with Steve recently. We had never had anything professional done before, so we were a bit giggly and awkward. Steve worked it into his magic and the photos that resulted, I am in love with them! The biggest bonus was that my partner actually had a good time and was not afraid to admit it :-)✨ - 59


It is nice to work with professionals like Steve. Naturally easy going and fun, such a great personality too. Always happy with the results of his amazing work. Steve is not just a photographer but an artist too. Very talented and passionate about his job. Fab Photos is the right place to be to capture any moments of your life. Highly recommended!✨ - 58

Jen Campbell

The photo shoot I had done with fab photos was heaps of fun and relaxed. Loved trying different and adventurous poses. I absolutely love my photos and how they turned out. Also love coffee table book I had ordered the quality and detail was amazing. Highly recommend fab photos to anyone that wants a fun and adventurous photo shoot done.!!✨ - 57


Ive been working with Steve for just over 2 years now and he never fails to disappoint me. Steve goes above and beyond my expectations in every shoot, Steve is very talented in what he does, very professional, attentive and accommodating. He always makes sure every shot is as amazing as the last. I highly recommend Steve! Cant wait for my next shoot✨ - 56


I had a great time at my boudoir photo shoot. Steve made me feel comfortable, the photos are amazing I will definitely be going back to his studeo. Highly recommend✨ - 55

Jade Robertson

Most comfortable and easy going photographer I have worked with to date. Working with Steve is the perfect balance between professional work and fun. Highly recommend shooting with him. :)✨ - 54

Jessie Weaver

From the moment of my first photoshoot with Steve I felt so comfortable and welcomed. He is amazing at what he does. He is flexible with whatever shoot your interested in. Never makes you do things your not confident it comfortable with. It is an amazing experience working with Steve. Can not wait for my next shoot :)✨ - 53

Wendy Yates

I booked Steve for a mini photo shot. I brought 7 kids for the shoot and Steve did an amazing job . Steve had all the kids laughing and all looking forward , which can be difficult with that many kids . Steve ( and his lovely wife ) went above and beyond to print out and frame a photo for a party held only a couple of hours after the shoot. I highly recommend Steve for any photography work.✨ - 52

Brianna Conlan

Best photographer, very fun to work with, he made me feel comfortable straight away and highly recommend✨ - 51

Sammy Byrne

I worked with Steve for a fitness and boudoir photoshoot. I had such a great time! I have worked with photographers before but none this organised and able to make me comfortable in the environment immediately. I recommend working with Steve to anyone interested in a shoot! the team effort brought the exact results we were after. Brilliant photographer & experience✨ - 50


We had a family shoot with Steve it was great fun. We have a big family and he was able to get a great range of photos for us, a great variety of props for the kiddies and adults. He made us feel comfortable, and even when he could not get some of us to smile he had plenty of things to get us to laugh, the favourite was the fart gun...guaranteed smiles every time. highly recommend Steve at Fab Photos✨ - 49


Steve was amazing to work with Ive never felt so beautiful and how confident i am. I very much recommend him to anyone hes amazing it was so fun and produced some majestic photos i am so amazed at them i 100% recommend fab photos for the best photos :)✨ - 48

Jacki Thomas

The last photo shoot I had with Steve was a blast! It was fun, interesting and comfortable. I always enjoy the process of finding my self confidence with my photo shoots with Steve and the results never fail to surprise me (my words of choice to define that is my repetition of the words That doesnt even look like me!). Its a rewarding experience and I highly recommend Fab Photos to everyone! ✨ - 47

Corina Latimore

Steve is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable during photo shoots whilst having having fun.✨ - 46

Tahlia Hall

The shoots are ALWAYS so much fun and I have felt so comfortable every time. Plus a great result. Can not wait to do my next shoot! :)✨ - 45

Tammy Clifton

Steve was great to work with, being aspiring I need as much guidance as I can, he did everything to insure my comfort and did an amazing job. I am so proud of my photos and will definitely pass him on to others and would love to work with him again✨ - 44


I cannot even begin to reccomend fab photos enough, whilst maintaining an extremely professional, Steve ensures that you also feel comfortable, and above all, have lots of fun. I am thoroughly impressed with the resulting photos from my shoot!✨ - 43

Sabah Furness

Had a wonderful time Steve made me feel very relaxed and comfortable I couldnt be happier with the turn out! Will definitely be booking another shoot highly recommended!✨ - 42

Hannah Wallace

From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable any nerves I had were soon gone. The atmosphere was great! Steve is very professional, full of ideas and makes the experience fun and the end results were amazing! I would highly recommend Fab Photos.✨ - 41

Chayanne Harihi

Well what can I say? There is only one person that owns this town in glamour/boudoir photography and that is Steve.
My Aviation glamour photoshoot went over a period of days/weeks and locations due to aircraft availability.
Steve is adaptable and was available at short notice with all his gear.
Shooting with Steve was FUN and a gave us big confidence booster because he made us feel comfortable, was humorous and most of all professional.
Also special thanks to the hair and makeup team that put our faces on and styled our hair.
Making ordinary women look like cover girls! The photos came out FAB-ulous.
So from the FAB-ulous Aviation Glamour Crew, I give Steve my highest regard and highly recommend Steve.
Thanks Steve, love your work.
Ill be back for the next photoshoot.
✨ - 40

Thomasina Tunstead

I dont even know where to start fab photos is the most amazing place you can go to have photos taken. I have worked with Steve a few times now and he makes u feel every happy comfortable while doing your photo shoot. And the end result is amazing. I highly recommend him ✨ - 39

Corina Latimore

Steve is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable during photo shoots whilst having having fun.✨ - 38

Yasmin Tunstead

I dont even know where to start fab photos is the most amazing place you can go to have photos taken professionally they make you feel really comfortable when I went for my first photo shoot with them I was nervous then when I got there they made me feel not so nervous cause they make it fun and happy and a awesome place to go they are so kind and nice there so if anyone ever wanted professional photos done I really recommend fab photos cause you wont get better any where else ✨ - 37

Brianna Leigh

Steve from fab photos would have to be the best photographer I have dealt with, always happy with my photos and he makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommended :) x✨ - 36


Best photographer, easy to shoot with and makes you feel very comfortable. Very fun to work with and highly recommend !✨ - 35

Jade Mapstone

Steve is the most professional yet fun person to work with! He has great, unique ideas to personalise shoots and he makes you feel comfortable. All of my photos turn out great and I am never disappointed. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future✨ - 34

Kitty Summers

I had such a great time shooting with Steve! He made me feel comfortable straight away and I really appreciated his light hearted but professional approach. I would definitely recommend working with Steve and look forward to doing so again in the future.✨ - 33

Ella Underwood

Great experience, lovely photos, So Happy. Thanks Steve.✨ - 32


A great photographer and looking forward to seeing more :)

Steve is an amazing photographer and Port Macquarie is lucky to have him here!!✨ - 31

Kirsty Aitken

Shooting with fab photos is such an amazing experience, Steve is an artist and always goes above and beyond expectations. I have worked with him a couple of times and every time was so much fun, he makes you feel comfortable and confident and it shows in the photos! I would definitely recommend Steve from fab photos to anyone, could not ask for better results!✨ - 30


Very friendly and professional. lots of props and ideas. photos turned out great :) Highly recommended ✨ - 29


I did not want to do a glamour shoot!! My husband bought it as a surprise for me for Christmas. From the moment I entered Steves studio I felt comfortable. He is very relaxed and casual yet at the same time very professional. The photos were amazing. I cant believe how fast Steve was with editing the photos! Shoot was done Wednesday afternoon and I had fully edited digital images to keep first thing Friday morning. WOW!! So efficient!! Kristina the make up artist works wonders. I would recommend Fab Photos to anyone wanting high quality professional photos. Thanks Steve. My family love the photos as do I. ✨ - 28


Have worked with Steve a couple of times and would highly recommend him! Very professional but at the same time I felt relaxed and had a lot of fun :) The end result was amazing!✨ - 27

Lauren Kelly

Wow what an awesome experience! Steve is such an amazing photographer and I honestly felt so comfortable being on the other side of the camera! He made me feel right at home. Lots of fun and laughs! Steve always goes above and beyond to capture exactly what you want. Will be only using Fab Photos in future! Thanks again Steve was such a hoot! And the photobook he made for me was way better then I ever expected! Highly recommend Fab Photos for any photography you and your family want!✨ - 26


So much fun :) great atmosphere and lots of laughs! Woo! ✨ - 25


Was an amazing shoot good atmosphere, Love the coffee table book✨ - 24


Have worked with Steve on several occasions, and each time I have been very happy with the resulting photos. Highly recommend this professional and talented photographer!✨ - 23


I had a great time and I liked the experience. It was my first time having a modelling shoot and Steve was so nice and friendly about it. The position of his studio was lovely as we could walk to a trail to do the casual photos and it was only a short drive to the beach. I would recommend him to anyone.✨ - 22


Mikaela said, I was extremely impressed with the excellent caliber of my coffee table book. It is not only extremely aesthetic with high quality and rich coloured photographs but also durable with a strong binding, thick pages and a hard cover which protects the images inside. This is a beautiful, unique and enduring keepsake which will hold my memories for a long time.✨ - 21


My photo shoot with Steve was a great experience. With my wonderful Mum, I learned to sit for photos, and knew that it was fun. The photoshoot was a surprise for my parents, which made it all the more fun, especially when we brought out the props and hats. In the end I was really happy with the book, which not only I liked, but my parents and friends loved too. Thank you Steve! ✨ - 20

Kate Tiernan

I loved every minute of the shoot. I really didnt think I would feel comfortable doing it but Steve certainly made me feel right at home, he told me whatever I pose I wanted I could do. Before I knew it I was right into it. Not once did I feel weird I loved it I would defiantly recommend to everyone. Steve has got some talent! My coffee table book is amazing and something I will cherish forever I was more into a natural shoot and Steve let me have a sneak peak & I got to choose which style I liked. Anything I wanted in this shoot Steve let me have. He is a very flexible talented photographer.✨ - 19

Emma Langlois

Wow! Steve is unbelievably talented! I have had so many compliments on my portfolio pictures and I know he is to thank. I walked into his studio not really sure what I needed/wanted for my acting portfolio and a little apprehensive about posing for photos, but he soon made me feel very comfortable and had plenty of ideas to help me out. His enthusiasm and passion shines through his work and his unique sense of humour made the whole photo shoot a delight to be a part of! I would highly recommend Steve for any type of photography you need and would like to thank him for making my experience such an amazing one. Thank you!✨ - 18

Melinda Miante

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Steve. He has been working with my daughter to help develop her modelling skills, and I can see a vast improvement. Thank you Steve, Port Macquarie is lucky to have you here!✨ - 17


Worked with Steve a numerous times and can honestly say he is amazing! He always makes the shoot fun..none of this awkward stuff.! Steve never makes photoshoots feel like work for me. always very professional and friendly. I love shooting with him. and highly recommend him to anyone whos keen on getting involved in the modelling industry :) ✨ - 16


Excellent results from both my portfolio shoots with Fab Photos. Any photographer can take a photo, but Steve really goes the extra mile for aspiring models. He not only produces high quality photos, but also professionally edits the images of your choice AND works to get these images published! A definite bonus for models trying to get their face and name out in the industry! Additionally, his professional attitude, fun nature and helpful posing suggestions put the client at ease and ensure the best possible images are produced. Highly recommended!✨ - 15


Steve did a photoshoot with my kids and was amazing. Very relaxed and happy. The children had a great time, with all the dress ups and props. Was a great experience and a a great atmosphere and not to mention how amazing the end results look :) im looking forward for more photo shoots with fab photos :) ✨ - 14


Steve did a photoshoot with my kids. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed and immediately felt at ease. Steve was great with the kids and Amara said hes funny. He had lots of great ideas and was happy to take our ideas in aswell. I am very happy with the photos and i would recommend steve and use him again :)✨ - 13


Wow! Doing a shoot with Steve was so much fun. Steve is a very talented and professional photographer who is able to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. He is very interested in your ideas, and what your goals are, and offers great advice to help get the look you are aiming for. I love all the photos from the shoot and would definitely not hesitate to recommend Fab Photos :) ✨ - 12


Working with Steve has been a very enjoyable experience. His shoots are relaxed, fun and individualized and he works hard to make sure you get the photos you are after. Steve is a talented photographer, and the results are indeed fabulous! I love my photos and would recommend Fab Photos to anyone looking for a professional photographer for any occasion. Thanks Steve!✨ - 11


From the numerous Fab Photo Photoshoots that i have done All of them have been so much fun! Every picture comes out amazing and trying to pic ones that i want edited is the hardest part! Steve makes the shoot so relaxing and fun everytime. I recomend Fab Photos to anyone and everyone who is looking to get some photos done, as you wont be dissapointed. Erin :)✨ - 10


Amazing maternity photo shoot with Steve Harris at Fab studio, thanks for the great time and cant wait to see the results :-) Lovely photographer, great atmosphere and a amazing time :-) definitely a high recommendation! ✨ - 9


Thanks guys! Steve Harris from Fab photos is an extremely talented glam shot photographer! Plus it was loads of fun making the shots and listening to great tunes! Best fun having my photo taken and Ive done like three photo shoots before. Steve Harris is a great photo guy! He makes me look great! ✨ - 8


WOW WOW WOW~!!! I love love love them!! I cant thank you enough!!! It was like reliving the whole afternoon again going through them! ✨ - 7


Oh gosh, they are all so lovely! - had a giggle at Arias facial expressions in the xmas family shot and her flying xmas shot! LOL And absolutely LOVE the cover shot and black/white family ones✨ - 6


The photoshoot was lots of fun. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and I felt comfortable. Steve was great with my daughter, making her shoot fun and entertaining so she wouldnt get bored. I think the resulting photos truly show who we both are at heart. I would definitely recomend FabPhotos to anyone wanting great photos and a fun time doing them.✨ - 5


Steve is a very talented photographer who has the ability to capture you as a person rather than a person posing in a photo. I have worked with many photographers and my shoot with Steve was by far was the most fun and professional. He is a pleasure to work with.✨ - 4

Ian and Belinda

Our photoshoot with Steve was a relaxed and comfortable session. He was able to work easily with our young baby and captured our little family just the way we wanted. Natural, with a touch of artistic flair. Thanks Steve.✨ - 3


Working with Steve and Fab Photos was an absolute delight. The experience given was wonderful as was the product of beautiful photographs. I was comfortable and welcomed into the studio with ease and all inhibitions were left at the door. I had some great fun and would love to go back for more.✨ - 2

Chris and Rebecca

From the time that we decided to have a photo shoot till we received our photos the whole process was effortless. When we met Steve for the session it felt like we were visiting an old friend. The studio was professionally set up, with a very relaxing atmosphere. Steve gave us the option to have the photos taken where and how we wanted to as well as offered suggestions and provided direction. When we saw the finished product we were amazed! The ease that the photo session was run, achieved outstanding results and we are grateful to have such a beautiful keepsake for our family. Thanks so much for capturing such a happy time in our families life.✨ - 1