Sharni's cool surfer chick shoot

Sharni - Since being with fab models i have had 2 shoots with steve and they have been so fun, exciting, enjoyable and also has boosted my confidence being around the camera.
The photos turn out absolutely awesome and fabulous.

Premium glamour boudoir photographer Port Macquarie

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Photographer: Steve Harris
Studio: Fab Photos
Agency: Fab Models
Mob: 0412225501

NOTE: It is a condition of your shoot and the availability of these images that you agree not to modify them in any way without consent and whenever used on Social Media either Steve Harris and/or Fab Photos be correctly tagged.
Sharni Beach Shoot-19 Photographer Port Macquarie-1-1Sharni Beach Shoot-159 Photographer Port Macquarie-1Sharni Beach Shoot-17 Photographer Port Macquarie-2Sharni Beach Shoot-108 Photographer Port Macquarie-3-3Sharni Beach Shoot-123 Photographer Port Macquarie-4-4Sharni Beach Shoot-155 Photographer Port Macquarie-5-5Sharni Beach Shoot-172 Photographer Port Macquarie-1-1Sharni Beach Shoot-197 Photographer Port Macquarie-6-6Sharni Beach Shoot-215 Photographer Port Macquarie-7-7