Fab Models Port Macquarie’s most active and fastest growing model and modelling agency

We are dedicated to presenting you as far and wide as possible and providing you value for money assistance in achieving the very best you can.

If you would like to discuss the engagement of one or more Fab Models please call on the number below.

Registration is very affordable and you get to keep the Comp Card images from your shoot.

If you would like to join Fab Models drop me a line and I will make it happen.

Call 0412225501 or email steve@fabphotos.com.au

When you become part of Fab Models or Fab Talent you get:
  1. A professional photo shoot capturing a range of looks.
  2. Registration on my Agency on the largest professional online casting system in the southern hemisphere
  3. Your images professionally edited
  4. Your images available for viewing and sharing on my web site
  5. Promoted on Facebook, Google+ and other social sites.
  6. Your profile lodged on various modelling sites I am registered on
  7. Your images can be (subject to negotiation) submitted to relevant magazines for publication
  8. Promotion to advertising and casting agencies

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