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"Helping women of all ages, build confidence and feel better about themselves with beautiful photographs taken in a professional environment of respect and delivered in the highest quality high resolution digital files and coffee table books."

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Here are some reasons you will love your glamour/boudoir photo shoot.

You will "feel a million bucks" when you see how beautiful your photos are and remember you are worth it and deserves it.

You can "let your hair down" as we do your hair and makeup to make your feel even more gorgeous that you already are.

You are "beautiful" now. You don't have to wait for anything to change

You will "have fun" as we capture your true happy self and you will leave feeling FABulous

You will look like a "movie star" as our professional hair and makeup lady gives your that well deserved makeover

Your confidence will be "sky high" after this, making all other parts of you life pick up

You will get heaps of "compliments" when showing off your beautiful images to your friends and family.

You will have "lasting memories" of the experience and in this case image evidence of it.

Don't "wait" or "procrastinate", now is the time, thats why you are here right now


Your private shoot is more than a photography session — it’s transformational and a celebration of confidence, silliness, and everything that makes you feel gorgeous complete with professional makeup & hair, skillful art direction, laughter, music and revelry at every turn.

Most of my clients are not models. They’re soccer moms, curvy gals, wives, girlfriends…women who “always wanted to” but thought they “never could.” Even if you think you’re “not photogenic” or you live in a pair of sweatpants — we will uncover your inner self and you’ll absolutely love your photographs!

Remember, sexy is not a body size or shape...   It's an attitude!

Want a boost of irrepressible confidence and a irresistible sense of self worth that will blow your hubby away or make your ex drool, or both?

Each private shoot is a celebratory custom-designed experience, with memories that will last you a lifetime.
And the photos will last even longer.

I can promise, You will have fun, You will get a huge confidence boost, You will feel great about yourself, You will get fantastic memories to last long in to the future.

Use the booking app below to choose an ideal day/time and book in your dream-shoot! 

I believe that if you’ve “always wanted to try this” —  you should. And soon. 

At the end of the booking function there is more information and helpful tips for your photo shoot.

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